Business and production complex Argeta

The new business and production complex Argeta designed with a contemporary architecture style. As such it provides the city of Varaždin and its province a new value and becomes recognizable symbol the area.

The architecture body is composed out of two mutually connected parts:

  • round and cylindrical, enveloped with smooth, satin aluminum panels and houses all manufacturing and storage facilities.
  • fluid and wavy form made of transparent glass which accommodates QA and R&D laboratories, office spaces, conference halls, visitors center and panoramic floor with a park and trees.

This interrelation between the building envelope and its bodies, when looking from a distance, displays strong and dynamic change. The building transforms and changes as the viewer moves around it. Satin aluminum panels reflect the sky above with all of its changes during the day, from gray clouds to sunny skies.

Both parts of the factory are designed in different heights; the manufacturing and storage part holds a height of 20 meters, whereas the public, transparent one is 15 meters high.

Project name
Business and production complex Argeta
Business and production
Gornji Kneginec
Atlantic Grupa
Plot area
41.555 m2
Gross area
12.170 m2
Maja Tedeschi d.i.a.
Anita Nedić mag. arh. & Ivor Pučar mag. arh