Nord Klassik Showroom Project

Three large glass walls at 40 Gundulićeva ulica selflessly reveal an airy and modern space completely atypical not only for Zagreb, but for the broader area as well.

What makes the Nord Klassik project important? First of all, the showroom, as a physical space and not a web-shop or a catalogue selection, is the best method to learn about design, especially in the «showroom ambiance» concept Maja has created. The direct contact between the architect or the user and the product is irreplaceable due to the experience of the body and furniture relationship, tactile features, changing experience of proportions in the perspective and movement. We also have to add Maja's methodological approach to this where the design of an area and furniture selection and arrangement impact each other. Second, Nord Klassik is a contribution to the promotion of the design and the architectural culture. It is insufficient to precisely say that modern Scandinavian design defies time, it is timeless.

Formal concentration, but also poetry, comfort, constructive rationality and flawless production are universal values. This is why Scandinavian design pieces or individual ideas have become prototypes designers later implemented in their works. This is how The Chair was one of the ideals of Bernardo Bernardi, possibly the most renowned Croatian designer. There is no design museum in Croatia and Nord Klassik fills a part of that void. Finally, the space itself, connected with the culture of product communication, is on the highest level in Nord Klassik. This is why Nord Klassik must be understood through the overlapping of the commercial and didactic, architectural and designer, «experimental» and «classic» that make the showroom grow into the long term project format.

Project name
Showroom Nord Klassik project
Nord Klassik d.o.o.
Gross area
400 m2
2013 - 2014
Maja Tedeschi