Studio Yammat FM

"In the search for a new location for Yammat, an office space appeared at Račkoga 10, which previously housed a bank. The space was dominated by large shop windows, which actually seemed like a handicap and a hindrance to the way the radio functioned. But I soon turned that shortcoming into an opportunity, by imagining that I could turn an otherwise exclusively sound radio program into a live picture. "I came up with the idea to create a Visual Radio project," said the author.

The space with a total surface area of slightly more than 500 m2 had no exciting or striking spatial sensations, it was an ordinary boring office hall. Therefore, my main task was to create interesting spatial volumes that will be an equal architectural partner to the super-quality and unique FM Yammat content, both in terms of their design and functional diversity.

The project includes five radio studios; two with directions for live broadcasting, and two for content pre-production, as well as a special studio for recording vocals. The largest studio, named after the tragically deceased founder of Yammat, Alen Balen.

In addition to the five studios, the project also included space for news program editorial, music editorial, and office space.

"My basic architectural-musical idea was to design a complete space that resembles the interior of a wooden musical instrument or a wooden music box, and therefore wood is the main material in the space. The wooden coffered ceiling extends continuously along the entire length of the space, from the street to the courtyard facade. In no part is the ceiling interrupted by wall partitions, all functional spaces are made of transparent glass with full wooden parapets, which "float" in the air. The decision to make the ceiling in solid wood instead of a wooden floor is an inversion inspired by the wooden lid of a concert piano, under which the entire Yammat is located," explains the architect.

The space is dominated by a central multi-functional wooden cube that has two faces; the front in the main studio is made up of a seated tribune for about 30 guests, and the back, not at all inferior, is made up of the boxes of the music editorial office facing the pleasant and attractive lounge area.

I imagined the ground floor of the main studio as a stage where radio interviews and debates take place, but also concerts by musicians and live DJ sets. In addition to the audience in the studio, I also expect the arrival of the Random Passerby, who gives a special dimension to the entire creative process with his street involvement.

Even in scenarios when the main studio is empty, it has a dynamic, which is created by the large vinyl collection located in the wooden alcoves of the stands. Just as bookstores are spaces dominated by books and not people, this space, seen from the street, seems alive and vibrant even when there are no people in it.

"I tried to make the whole project structurally solid, restrained and monumental, without superfluous decorations and unnecessary details. The main geometric element is a square, or cube. Therefore, my choice of two iconic chairs, Chair 84, by the great artist Donald Judd, represents the logical printed negative of those same square cavities."

"An important task was the acoustics of the studio spaces, on the budget of which I collaborated with professors from FER and the Faculty of Architecture. According to these calculations, the acoustic plaster was made, as well as the special acoustic wooden panels, which make up the ceilings and stands. The creation of this extensive carpentry project would not have been possible without the top contractor Enterijer Janković from Novi Sad, one of the largest European producers of wooden elements."

Between the two studios on the street front, using the same architectural vocabulary, the author has placed Ziggy's Coffee, which is complementary to the Yammato philosophy, quality and independent.

It is the synergy of Yammat and Ziggy's that brings additional attractiveness to the neighborhood, and it is no coincidence that the neighborhood reacted extremely positively to the new space. We saw for ourselves when Yammata was visited by neighbors from the iconic Booksa, who brought books as a housewarming gift. Before them, the team from Fraktura did the same.

This space becomes an important element of the cultural and social scene of the city. With a superbly designed interior, its contribution is not only visual and architectural, but also represents a strong epicenter of the radio program.

Yammat at Račkoga 10 was designed as a space for the creation of even stronger creative content, which, with its concept in a departure from the mainstream media, invites the public to stronger participation and mutual dialogue.

Project name
Studio Yammat FM
Radio studio and office space
Zagreb, Račkoga 10
Yammat FM
Plot area
510 m2
Maja Tedeschi d.i.a.
Ivana Ivin, Antonio Bilić